What shoe colour to wear with a blue dress Let’s face it: a blue frock will look fabulous with oh-so many shoes. But to keep things simple and draw attention to yourself, below are five style inspiration from our favourite celebrities

Elaine Attoh

Literally, in the fashion world, there really aren’t any rules. Because at the end of the day your body is yours and you can dress it however you please as long as what you are wearing does not violate any laws.

Matching a neutral dress with the appropriate shoe color is usually a simple endeavour. But with a particular shade such as blue, getting the right shoes is sometimes tricky.

Sandra Ankobiah

That’s a stunning fashion statement. Love the follies strass shoes

play Sandra Ankobiah


Gold shoes are the best to pair with a kneel level blue dress. Because the best metallic shoe to pair happens to look amazing on all skin tones.

play Benedicta Gafah


Naa Askorkor

The calm and classic blue dress look ideal for neutral daywear and office looks paired a with Christian Louboutin heels.

play Naa Askorkor



Elaine Attoh

Black is always a safe bet with any color dress. Nothing styles a blue dress better than the right pair of black shoes.

Elaine Attoh play Elaine Attoh

Berla Mundi

You might be tempted to think that wearing blue shoes with a blue dress would be over-killing the blue. Cobalt is such a trendy color & it’s ability to creep into high & low fashion looks

Berla Mundi play Berla Mundi


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