This boy is being referred to as a human magnet

A lot of us hope to be figurative magnets for such good things like good health, wealth, success and so on, but is there anyone who wishes to be an actual, literal magnet?


This five-year-old boy can stick metal objects to his skin (reminds you of X-Men’s Magneto, right), a trait which has doctors baffled. Erman Delic is surprising everyone with his unusual talent as a human magnet.

In the footage below, you can see the cutlery appearing to be attracted to the boy. He manages to stick three spoons, one fork, and 13 coins to his chest, with more still attached to his back.

Doctors are yet to explain this bizarre condition on an otherwise healthy child.

The phenomenon is sometimes referred to as ‘human magnetism’ and some have said they can also attract other types of materials, such as glass, porcelain, wood or plastic.

Many mainstream scientists, however, believe that it is, in fact, nothing more than unusually greasy skin.

Most readers who shared their views on the story maintained that it is not true. One commenter, ‘XmeX’ said, “The forks/spoons were laid into crevices in his chest and the coins had something sticky on the back and were “stuck” to his body.

What do you think? Very possible or totally fake?


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