11-year-old with strange breasts desperately pleads for help

An 11-year-old girl has been battling with a condition that has left everyone baffled. 

Mamie Sam and her family are calling out to the Sierra Leonean government to come to their aid as she is being troubled.

Mamie Sam

The 11 yr old girl and her family are asking the government for help

According to reports, Mamie Sam narrated that sometime last year, she went on a fishing expedition with her grandmother and some other women in her town in Sierra Leone.

After the experience, she started experiencing her breasts increasing in size quite rapidly. She was told by a few women that the size was looking quite abnormal and something should be done about it.

According to Mamie, her breasts itched at night and she is usually unable to sleep as she spends most times scratching them. The breasts kept growing at a very fast pace the more she scratched.

Mamie Sam

She might have a condition known as megalomastia

She had stopped going to school since her classmates kept making fun of her abnormally large breasts.

Her parents have sought medical help and had even visited a few herbalists but there has been no improvement.

Mamie’s grandfather, Saidu Moriba said he had never seen such a thing in his life and the whole family is completely baffled. He added that several prayers and sacrifices have been done on her behalf but the problem persists.

The family is pleading for assistance in the hopes that the right people can help them out of this strange situation.

It is suspected that she might have an extremely rare condition known as gigantomastia which is a sudden enlargement of both breasts during puberty. More information can be seen in the video below.


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